LFHC 2017 Update Workshop (Refresher)

The 2017 code includes the following changes:

  • Electronic Line Leak Detection is required on all pre-2006 underground, double-wall pressure piping by 2020.
  • Removal of all underground single-wall steel tanks within 12 months if one of those tanks leaks.
  • Removal of all underground single-wall steel piping within 12 months if one of those lines fails the cathodic protection test or leaks.
  • Removal of underground single-wall steel tanks if out of service for one year or more;
  • Manifolding of vents (vents and vapour recovery pipes branching into several openings) is no longer permitted.
  • All below-grade submersible pumps must be installed in a monitored sump by 2022.
  • New section for private card/keylocks.
  • Environmental assessment reports must delineate the full extent of any petroleum product that has escaped in the area(s) where the tanks, piping or dispensers were located.



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We have been pleased with
both the special on-site training
for PMH and PM3 certification in
Thunder Bay, a year ago, as..."

Michael Wesa, Sr.
Engineer-DCAM, Hydro One
Comm., Thunder Bay

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